WAND Media is a full-service digital media production company. We can help you bring your business and brand to market in a variety of ways - digital advertising, video production, website design, internet marketing, and much more.

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Connecting Consumers to Content

WAND Media Sales is dedicated to helping our advertising partners connect to consumers with engaging content. Our experienced media team knows how to strengthen your brand’s message to reach your target audience. With the most watched broadcast station in the region, a website presence with more than 1 million visits annually, tens of thousands of social media followers and access to digital display advertising networks across the web, WAND Media offers unmatched value to your advertising efforts.

Why Digital Advertising?


Drives Sales


Enhances Traditional Media Channels


Encourages Brand Interaction


Reaches a Broader Audience


Targets a Specific Audience


Ability to Track Success with Precision

Facebook Advertising

The greatest benefit of Facebook advertising is that it allows you to reach specific audiences resulting in higher levels of engagement for your recruitment or business advertising. You can also utilize more creative options than other platforms such as Facebook 360 photo and video ads. Contact our experienced social media advertising team to help you meet your campaign goals.

Digital Display Advertising

In addition to the many advertising options on our broadcast station and WAND-TV website, WAND Media has access to a digital advertising network of thousands of websites to share your message with consumers. Our digital advertising network includes text, image and video with resources that can retarget, geofence, and even select websites within industries you select to reach your future customers.

The process is simple.

  1. We create engaging advertisements for you.
  2. We distribute them to your target audience via thousands of websites.
  3. Your possible customers click the advertisement.
  4. You grow your business.

Kim Gaul

Digital Sales Director

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